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Blogs: How Can Companies Make the Most of this Social Media Platform?

Chapter 4 of Engage! by Brian Solis discussed blogs, podcasts, and livecasts. For this post, I am going to focus on discussing what was said about blogs.

Blogs can be a great tool for an organization to communicate with its public. It’s a way to develop a bond with the consumer of their product or service. Blogs allow the company and consumer to have a deep, two-way conversation that most other social media platforms cannot support (ex. Twitter).

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That being said, it is a shame that some companies completely misuse their blog. Instead of having a two-way conversation with their public, they are using the blog as a way to post press releases and their marketing campaigns (which makes consumers leery of company blogs’ sincerity) (Solis, 26).

What should companies do to prevent misusing their blog and losing the public’s approval? Solis listed five questions that companies should ask while developing their blog. They are:

  • What’s the cause?
  • What’s the intent?
  • How can we fill a void and, more importantly, how can we help solve problems?
  • What should readers take away from the blog?
  • Why should anyone link back to the blog?

(Solis, 27)

Solis goes on to say that when a company is writing a blog post, they need to frequently reference outside sources that inspired their post (Solis, 29). Not only is this method a way to avoid plagiarism but linking out to other sources shows the public that the company isn’t just putting themselves in the spotlight (since they’re referencing others who are knowledgeable in the field).

***Here is the works cited information for Engage!:

Solis, B. Engage!: the complete guide for brands and businesses to build, cultivate, and measure success in the new web. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011.

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  1. While I know Solis offered these five questions for blogs, I think these same questions can be applied to a SM plan in general.

    Organizations have to ask why there is a need. Then they must question what the intent of the SM plan really is and what the point of the plan is. We want to understand what consumers can take away from the SM campaign as well.



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