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The Future Buzz: An Awesome PR-related blog

Photo Courtesy of defines blogs as “communities that put people into contact with other people of similar interests and then they are able to form relationships where they can learn, share ideas, make friends with and even do business with people from around the world.”

Blogs become successful when users keep coming back to write and share their knowledge on certain topics that others may find useful or inspiring. This dedication and interest in that certain blog creates relationships that are quite beneficial to users. is definitely a blog that users will find helpful. is a blog that is dedicated to web marketing and PR strategies. The blog’s purpose is to keep users up to date on new trends in the online marketing and PR worlds. I believe that this blog helps users to easily navigate through the endless knowledge there is about social media. It’s written in a very conversational but professional way that provides the readers with information that is easy to read. The content is spilt into eight different sections (blogging, digital marketing and PR, inspiration, links, SEO, opinions, the social web and web trends). Having the information organized in this way makes navigating this site quite easy. says that “highly-ranked blogs are inevitably those that focus in on something quite specific and offer highly relevant information on that topic and only that topic.” The Future Buzz blog really focuses on the main areas for marketing and PR in the internet today and I believe that that is why it is a very popular blog.

The blog’s host is Adam Singer. Now, users may write for this blog (as guest writers) but Singer is the editor. Singer is quite experienced in PR and marketing, so he does know what he’s writing about. Here are the credentials he listed on his About page:

  • Create viral web campaigns and applications which engage thousands of bloggers and millions of readers.
  • Help clients achieve consistent increases in organic web traffic, conversions and inbound PR.
  • Help national, high-visibility companies continue to tell their story to their world.
  • Help small businesses break through and gain equal footing with creative use of web communications tools.
  • Create Facebook and other platform-specific pages which have grown to 100,000+ subscribers with zero dollars spent on advertising.
  • Build niche-specific web properties from scratch with growth from 0 to more than 6-figures unique VPM sustained organic (non-paid) traffic.

Near the end of the About page, there is a contact form that users may fill out to contact Singer. Users may also connect with Singer through Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The blog also allows users to sign up for free email updates (which is listed on the right and on the bottom of every page) and they can subscribe to an RSS feed as well.

While there is a search feature for this blog, there was no easily retrievable archive section.  Users can go through all of the posts themselves but that is a time consuming, frustrating process. With the awesome content that this blog offers, it was a little bit disappointing to see that it was like this.

Updates happen quite frequently for this blog. From what I saw, the range of time between posts can be between two to five days. Keep in mind though, that those numbers are for each individual section. Singer keeps adding to all of the blog’s eight sections (not just one or two of them).

Readers will take away a lot from this blog. All of the information is relevant to what is going on in the world today. The content is accurate and appropriate for this blog and users will link back to it because what Singer covers is relatable to anyone in the online marketing and PR world. A lot of the posts are extremely informative and I really like how Singer makes them have a human interest focus aswell (this aspect keeps drawing you in to read more).

One thing I wasn’t able to find was the blog’s policies. There is a form for guest bloggers to go through but I couldn’t find anything relating to comments that are made, etc. I was surprised that I couldn’t find them because this blog has such a high rate of traffic (you’d think that Singer would have a link to the blog’s policies on the home page).

Brian Solis (the author of Engage!) said that in order for a blog to gain the attention of readers, the blog host MUST know their desired target audience and reach out to them (Solis, 28). I feel as though Singer does this well with his blog. For example, since his blog is mainly focused on the business side of social media, he has social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+) for his blog. Solis also wrote that, “By cross-referencing updates, available resources, and communities across multiple social media points, companies can increase their visibility and their traffic among those communities” (Solis, 42). So what Singer has done by using multiple social media platforms to promote himself and his blog is create the opportunity for more people to gain easy access to his site.

Overall, I really like this blog. The content is very relevant to online PR and marketing and it’s written in a way that makes reading it enjoyable. I’ve subscribed to it and I hope others will to!

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