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This is a great post and I had to share it! 🙂 As the song goes, put a smile on your face, make the world better! ^_^

The streets of Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul and Tottori.


しかし、昨年、空港で鏡にうつった自分の顔を見てショック受けました。日本で笑顔が少なすぎ, 言う資格がないと思った・・・私も笑顔がなくていました。


元旦に 「もっと笑顔で暮らそう」と決めました。すぐに効果が表れました。

朝、起きてから夜寝るまで自分に「笑顔、笑顔」と言い聞かせる・・・時々鏡の前で練習もします・・・私が笑顔をするとつい、明るいことを考える、何をするのも楽しくなる(きっと綺麗にも見える?)、そして 周囲の反応もすぐ感じました。笑顔で人を見ると 相手がびっくりして笑顔が帰って来ることも多いです。笑顔攻撃ですね!!!たまに男性は誤解をするけど それも楽しいことにしました・・・・

そして、この前、笑顔作戦を試しました。近所に 嫌なおじさんが住んでいます。何時も、私を睨みながら 私の行動を監視します。そこで・・・私が車に乗り、彼の姿を見ました。本来なら知らん顔して通りたいけど 笑顔で生活をすると決めた以上は選択肢がないでしょう??頑張りました。笑顔でおじさんを見ました・・・そうすると私の三倍の笑顔が変えて来ました!!びっくりした!!!和解かもね・・・・



You don’t very often see people smile in Japan, with the earthquake, the nuclear fall-out and the recession that has been going on AND on I guess there isn’t a whole lot to smile about? But at the end of the last year I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror going through immigration……..who was I to talk? I wasn’t smiling either!! So, my resolution for this year (I know it is a little late telling you all now but I needed to put it to practice)…. Would be to smile more!! Now, almost 6 weeks into my resolution I have noticed a big difference in how I feel about myself and how people react.

First, when I am not smiling I remind myself…I start smiling when I get up and until I go to bed……the more I smile…

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I am an EMU graduate. I love spending time with my pets. I really enjoy studying languages (especially Japanese).

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  1. Thank you すごい犬 honoured to have you re-blog my post. Hope lots of people can give it try. Amazing how just an effort to make a smile can lift an impending bad mood…..

    • Hello Menaduechun! ^_^

      I agree! Smiling is such a great form of therapy in today’s stressful atmosphere! More people need to smile! 😀

      Also, thank you so much for following my blog! ^_^ I really enjoy following yours! Your writing is very insightful and I look forward to reading your future posts! ^_^

      • Oh thank you for your kind comments!! I guess my blog has become more or a diary for me but I am thrilled that lately the bilingual aspect of my blog is finally getting some attention!!! More of my readers are Japanese ( mostly friends) but lately some bilingual Westerners like yourself. I guess you like dogs?? ha ha
        Thank you once again…..

  2. Hi Susan,

    I have to admit that I really like the bilingual aspect of your blog. 🙂 It caught my attention when searching through WordPress. You see, I have finished my Japanese degree, so I am always on the look out for ways to stay up-to-date with it. I enjoy the language so much and when I find unique and interesting resources, it makes me really happy and excited! ^_^

    I do like dogs! ^_^ lol One of my dreams is to become a professional positive reinforcement animal trainer. My goal is to inspire others and show them how they can do amazing things with their pets without using force or intimidation, so they too can have a “sugoi inu”! 😉 ^_^


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