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Social Business Councils-Let’s Get Social in the Business World!

CMS Wire posted an interesting article on social business councils a few days ago and I have to say that it caught my attention. To be honest, I’ve never heard of a social business council within the workplace and I was intrigued to learn more. So in this post, I’ll discuss what Marisa Peacock (the author) wrote about.

One of the first points Marisa discussed was how in some organizations the word “social” is looked down upon (Peacock, 1). It’s quite sad but true (even in this day and age!). Some corporate executives see the word “social” and immediately consider it a threat to the company’s bottom line. This could be true if they didn’t have a plan for their online interactions. “If you could assemble a team of human resources, legal, IT, marketing and customer relations to discuss the different elements that being social brings and how the organization can best prepare to handle them so that the risk is minimized and productivity is enhanced, social might not be so scary,” said Peacock.

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This is where social business councils come in. They would help the organization manage how it interacts online and what to do with any problems that may occur. It’s like having a communications plan dedicated to the online aspect of the company.

Peacock went on to give the first rule of the social business council. She said, “It requires accountability and an overarching business goal (such as a mission or promise) to help keep everyone focused…” (Peacock, 1).  She also recommends that employees become more social with one another in the workplace because as she put it “social business is as social business does” (Peacock, 1).

Overall, this article really highlights how social business councils can be a great addition to the corporate structure of a company. I really enjoyed reading about it!

If you’d like to read Peacock’s entire article, it can be found here.

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