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There’s a lot you can do on Twitter!

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I came across an article on, that listed “42 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet Spam & Coupons” and I wanted to discuss a couple of the suggestions that Pam Moore, the author, gave.

1)      Share relevant content that will provide value to your followers.

There are thousands upon thousands of people on Twitter that are looking for information that can help them grow in their desired career field… Be one of their resources and offer unique tips and information regarding a certain area of work. Doing so will not only help out others but you’ll gain a positive reputation as an expert in your choosen field.

2)      Join or host a tweet chat.

A lot of people that I know, haven’t participated in a tweet chat, yet and I am surprised that they haven’t. Tweet chats are a GREAT opportunity to connect with others on a similar topic of interest. They also offer a tremendous amount of learning opportunities (since participants are from all over the world, you’ll gain insights from various cultures and languages).

3)      Create a poll and gather input from your twitter followers.

Most people tend to think of Twitter as just a way to discuss what happened today at lunch but it really is a great tool for research! Since Twitter is short, sweet and to the point, there’s no fluff to cut through and data collecting is made a bit easier.

4)      Show appreciation and advocacy for those in your community.

Taking some time to support a great, local cause on Twitter is a great way to show that you care and are more than just about making money.

5)      Share inspirational content such as quotes or scripture. Did you know quotes are the #1 retweeted content on Twitter?

This is another great way to define the image of your brand! Inspirational quotes catch the attention of tweet browsers  and that retweet will spread the word about the company, too!

6)      Create themed days for morning or evening content. If you can inspire your followers, they may return daily to see what you have to say. For example, Monday could be Marketing Monday, Twitter Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Facebook Friday, etc.

Be creative and catch the interest of your followers! If your content satisfies the needs of your followers and you’re able to present it in a unique way, they’ll continue to refer to your Twitter account for the information they need and want.

Want some more tips on what to do on Twitter? Click here to see Moore’s full article.

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