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Here’s a blog post that I wrote for Eastern’s PRSSA chapter. 🙂


It’s been two years since I became a member of PRSSA.

When I first joined, I never expected to get so much out of being a part of this organization. I am so grateful to be a member of this group as the friendships and experiences I’ve gained will last me a lifetime.

Here’s a summary of what PRSSA has taught me over the years and hopefully, these lessons will inspire our current members.

Spread your wings and fly

  • When I joined PRSSA I was incredibly critical and self conscious about my work. I didn’t feel like my contributions would add up to much since I was so new to the field. But with the encouragement of the PR advisors and my PRSSA friends, I started volunteering more within the group and I even ran for the newsletter editor position! It didn’t take long for the quality of my work to…

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About すごい犬

I am an EMU graduate. I love spending time with my pets. I really enjoy studying languages (especially Japanese).

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