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You Like Us! You Really Like Us! What To Do After Your Company Gets “Liked” on Facebook

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While browsing the Web the other day, I found a great article called “What Happens After the Facebook Like? 20 Tips to Engage Your Audience After the Like” by Pam Moore.  As the post’s title suggests, Moore gives readers 20 tips to help them engage with their Facebook fans. This post will outline what tips I thought were especially important for companies to know.

Accept a Facebook “like” as the start of a brand new relationship

  • A lot of companies see “likes” on Facebook as the main indicator of success with the social media platform. Companies who think like this are wrong! As Moore put it, “It is the first step the visitor has made in engaging with your brand. It’s up to you what happens next.” Don’t think that gaining “likes” is the only goal companies have on Facebook-this popular communication medium is used for much more than that!

Develop an editorial calendar

  • Staying organized and focused is key when it comes to successful social media usage. Moore suggests making a weekly editorial calendar to help plan out what you’re going to talk about with your fans and when. Moore goes on to say that “The editorial calendar and content should obviously support your plan inclusive of goals and objectives.”

Focus on value

  • What can your status updates offer that other similar companies don’t? Why should people “like” your brand? Moore asks, “How can you connect with the public personally and professionally?”  Making your content fun and unique will retain your company’s current fans and also help to gain new ones.

One size does not fit all

  • A “like” on Facebook can mean a lot of different things for the people involved. Moore said it best when she wrote, “By varying the types of content you post, you will increase your chances of engagement and action by your audience.” Diversify and your page will be on the path of success!

Overall, this article offered some great tips! You can read the rest of Moore’s article here.

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