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Here’s a blog post that I wrote for Eastern’s PRSSA chapter. 🙂


It’s been two years since I became a member of PRSSA.

When I first joined, I never expected to get so much out of being a part of this organization. I am so grateful to be a member of this group as the friendships and experiences I’ve gained will last me a lifetime.

Here’s a summary of what PRSSA has taught me over the years and hopefully, these lessons will inspire our current members.

Spread your wings and fly

  • When I joined PRSSA I was incredibly critical and self conscious about my work. I didn’t feel like my contributions would add up to much since I was so new to the field. But with the encouragement of the PR advisors and my PRSSA friends, I started volunteering more within the group and I even ran for the newsletter editor position! It didn’t take long for the quality of my work to…

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Anyone studying PR should read this post! 🙂

Women Of Color In Public Relations

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by Beth Monaghan

A few months ago I wrote a post about the 33 Signs You Work in PR. Thinking more seriously about the traits that make PR people successful, and setting aside the requisite multitasking, to-do-list-junkie characteristics, two come to the forefront: confidence and empathy.


A venture capitalist I know once jokingly said that, “It’s more important to be convincing than right.” Unfortunately, this is true in many circumstances in life and at work. Think of it this way—if you see a woman in a dress so low-cut that it requires fashion tape, and so short that you’re nervous for her every time she leans forward, coupled with stiletto heels that have a 99 percent chance of causing an ankle break—you will think one of two things. If she’s moving about the room as if she wears…

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This post will make you smile (because it’s true)! 🙂

Freelance services that get campaigns working



You spend years learning your trade: public relations, marketing and advertising; then you spend even more time applying your craft – refining your skills and ideas to achieve campaign perfection.

But, when walking down the street, travelling on the bus or a train, or driving along in your car, you, like everyone else can’t help but be attracted by a bunch of brightly coloured balloons hanging outside a shop door.

The balloon effect – simple but always effective!


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