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Here is another great post from Tokyohamster! 🙂 (It’ll make you crave soba! 😉 )

oh my omiyage

It seems like it would be so simple.  Pick up soba, put it in your mouth, chew, and swallow.  But just like many things in Japan with a history or tradition, there’s a proper way to eat soba.  Although there are hot soba dishes, truly good soba is enjoyed cold or chilled served on top of a zaru (a bamboo strainer).  And just like pasta, it’s served ‘al dente’ so that each bite of soba is chewy.

Soba dipping bowl - wasabi and green onions served over a bowl of tsuyu

Typically before the soba arrives, a server will bring you a cup filled with tsuyu (pronounced: tszoo-you; soba dipping sauce) covered with a small plate of wasabi and leeks.

Soba Dipping Sauce - wasabi and green onions. How to eat soba.

Take the plate off of the dipping cup, add your desired amount of wasabi and leeks to the tsuyu, and mix in the cup.

Soba Tsuyu with wasabi and green onions

When your soba is served, pick up some soba noodles with your chopsticks, dip it directly into the tsuyu, and…

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