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Rethinking the Press Release: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different!

Mashable.composted a really interesting article the other day that went over four different ways to rethink the press release. Naturally this article caught my attention

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because I was always taught that there was a standard form for the press release. Jonathan Rick, the author of the post, wrote that, “Every year for the last ten years, someone has proclaimed that the press release is dying. While the rumors of its demise are exaggerated, they are not totally unfounded. That’s because the press release is, in fact, being eclipsed by digital alternatives that are more flexible, more interesting, and more relevant” (Rick, 1).  Rick went on to say that companies are looking at creative ways to present their news-such as using a blog post (Rick, 1).

Here are the four tips and examples that Rick gave of companies that broke the “press release mold” and found success with their efforts:

1. “Keep it human. Your stakeholders, and customers, prefer it that way!

  • The real estate company Zillow follows this principle well as their press releases are written in a conversational tone on their company blog.

2. Passion, even edginess, does not get in the way of your message. Passion actually shows personality, and that there’s a real person behind your press shop.

  • Patagonia-the outdoor clothing company-places their press releases on their Facebook group’s page as well as having a great blog on top of that.

3. Entertaining consumers is as important as informing them.

  • The British smoothie-maker company called Innocent releases both a press release and blog post (both of which are in different tones and writing styles). Some bonus features include: the press release is downloadable as a PDF, the blog post provides colorful video and pictures and the most interesting comments will win a free case of the product.

4. Make it personal. Comments from the soldiers in the trenches are more memorable than a few quotes from a chief executive.

  • ServInt, a web host, has turned single announcements into multiple opportunities. They were able to do this by splitting the story into parts and having different workers discuss how each point will affect the company.”

(Rick, 1-2)

The media is looking at creative press releases a lot more lately. If a company is able to successfully send the message they want to send while making the story fun and colorful, then the newsworthiness of the story doubles.

To read Rick’s entire article, click here.