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This is such a nice video (and I really like the song, too!! ^_^), I had to reblog it! 😀 Thank you for posting, Tokyohamster! 🙂

oh my omiyage

Who doesn’t love a random act of kindness, especially when you’re greeted by adorable balloons garnished with colorful ribbon?  I’m loving this video by Oh Joy – it just brightens up my day!  I hope it does the same to yours too 🙂

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Business Videos: Turn Off the Hard Pitch to Connect and Potentially Make More Money!

One area that is discussed in chapter 9 of Engage! by Brian Solis is video broadcast networks. Video is a great medium for companies to utilize. It allows the company to connect to their audiences through a channel of communication that is widely used. As Solis pointed out though, this is not as easy to do as it sounds. Solis wrote, “Obviously the opportunity for finding online video audiences is tremendous. Getting and holding their attention, however, is different. Anyone can shoot and upload a video. Our brand’s perception is defined through the content we produce and share. Quality, professionalism, creativity, and context speak volumes. Otherwise anyone, including your competitors, could win market share through the creation of amateur video” (Solis, 65).  When companies produce poorly-made videos just to try and get attention, they will lose their credibility in their field. How could they lose credibility just by producing a lousy video? Well, if they did not care enough to put the effort and time into the production of their own movie, how do consumers know that they don’t do the same thing with their product or service? In order to gain trust from their viewers, a company MUST produce videos that are relevant, informative and of good quality!

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Videos are used for storytelling, entertainment and education (Solis, 67). These three areas are crucial for businesses to keep in mind when producing videos. If the videos do not meet a need of the viewers (as listed above), it won’t keep their attention (thus the desired result from the video will be a flop)!

Companies, also, need to remember to keep the content of their videos unique. Videos that stand out from the status quo will be more likely to succeed. Solis listed quite a few ideas for interesting videos. They are:

  • short demos
  • screencasts
  • event footage
  • “day in the life of” snippets
  • collages
  • customer or hero interviews
  • original episodes related to your value proposition
  • behind-the-scenes footage
  • helpful guides
  • did-you-know segments (Solis, 67)

As you can see from Solis’ list, there are quite a few things a company may do while utilizing this medium of communication. They’re only limited by their imagination when it comes to producing meaningful yet entertaining videos for the company.

The businesses that are mindful of the meaning behind videos, the importance of quality and are original with how they supply their information will be successful with connecting to their customers and thus, will increase their chances of making more capital.

***Here is the works cited information for Engage!:

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